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The Happiness Of Guatemala Fishing

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Guatemala is a beautiful country in Central America and touches both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea to the east. The beautiful natural foliage is greatly enjoyed by their many tourists who enjoy special trips to the area every year. There are many different types of sports in the area but, by far, the most popular is the Guatemala marlin fishing which can be found through This is a sport that brings a special thrill to the avid angler who is used to landing a small species such as trout or salmon.

Accommodations in this area vary from good to excellent. In many of the hotels there are amenities offered such as air conditioning, television, Internet connection, swimming pools and spas. When a family is involved in the trip, there are also a number of different attractions to keep them occupied while one is out on the water. In addition, there are many different restaurants and an exciting nightlife, which offers excellent food and enjoyment while big game fishing Guatemala which can be found through

Weather in the area is excellent for any type of activity, but exceptionally excellent for the avid fisherman. During the months of December to February, there is a little coolness at night and in the morning. The most preferred time of year for the Marlin angler is February and April.

The Marlin, whether blue or black, is one of the largest fish that one can catch and successfully bring into a boat. The majority of these fish weight from 300 to 400 pounds, although there have been records of 1000 pounds. Needless to say, catching one is the thrill of a lifetime.

With an average body length of six to ten feet, these fish are exceedingly strong. Hooking and landing one of these huge species is not an easy task. It is advised that angling only be done on a clear day, not after a rain, if one wishes to catch any fish.

Since the Marlin will eat anything in the water that is fresh, the kind of bait is not too important so long as it is natural. However, the skin on the bait must be very tough so it does not dissipate in the water. Because they eat mostly food they can smell, artificial lures do not work well.

This kind of sport is just now coming into its own in Guatemala. However, there are excellent charter boats available with skippers who know where the best fishing spots are located. It is advisable, however, to make reservations well ahead of time as this is a very popular sport and there may be a waiting list.

It is important to remember that these fish are very strong and can put up a fight for hours on end which is one reason catching them is so exciting. However, Guatemala marlin fishing is an adventure that means putting one’s strength and stamina against an adversary that is in familiar territory that can be discovered through This means one must not only be very strong but also be willing to spend many hours in order to succeed in big game fishing Guatemala that can be found through

Guidelines Intended For Guatemala Sport Fishing

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Sport fishermen often seek the excitement and exhilaration of pulling in a big one. One of the most thrilling options is big game fish such as those found in Guatemala sport fishing. Although this area is well known for its sailfish, it is fast becoming the preferred destination for those seeking the real challenge of Marlin fishing. This has become a great place to vacation because of the Guatemala fishing lodges to stay in.

One of their main fish for Guatemala sportfishing is the Blue Marlin which is a tropical specie and is best recognized by their cobalt blue upper half, silvery white underside, and lethal, spear-like upper jaw. They generally weigh between 400-500 lbs. and run between six to ten feet in length. They have also been discovered in deeper waters weighing in at as much as 1000 lbs. and up to twenty feet long. They are also one of the fastest of the larger fish being clocked at 56 mph running second only to the Black.

The second specie of Marlin found in Guatemala is the Black Marlin. This is the larger of the two, weighing in at around 1600 lbs. but has also been found even larger in these waters. Faster than the blue, reaching speeds from 80 to 128mph, it is highly prized and is considered a delicacy in many countries, especially in Japan.

One thing that sets both of these fish apart is their incredible strength. Only the Blue-Fin Tuna is stronger. As a result, landing one of these incredible marine animals is tantamount to fighting with the terminator often taking hours to land. Once reeled in, however, it will be an experience one will not soon forget.

Catching one of these monsters requires live bait. They often feed on mullet, ballyhoo, dolphin, bonito, cero, flying fish, mackerel, squid, and other ocean creatures. This means that before starting a fishing expedition, catching bait is often necessary. If attempting to fish with artificial bait, they seem to prefer konas and softheads to lures.

The next trick is to know how to bait hooks so that the bait stays alive and fights for a moderate period of time. According to reports, the best way to accomplish this is to run hooks through the eyes. In this way the brain remains untouched allowing the bait to fight for several hours. A second trick is to make sure that at least half the line is left on the reel. Once the fight begins, it will be needed.

It takes some practice to not only catch a Marlin but to ensure it gets reeled in. This takes learning about line tension and properly anchoring the fish once drawing it to the boat. Learning to read the tension and anticipate the movements of the fish is a key to winning the battle. Fighting a battle against one of the largest fish in the world will be one of greatest experiences of a fisherman’s life.

Few people even know that Guatemala sportfishing is an option even with the amazing Guatemala fishing lodges. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities to catch some of the most coveted fish in the world. Not only are they natural residents of this area but fish hatcheries keep the sea well-stocked as well. For those who fail to land their big one, however, there should be no worries as this is also the big fish capital of the world.

Extend It The Way You Would Like

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Planning for an outdoor activity or a vacation out of town is not a challenging thing to do. You just need to plan for this ahead of time. It would also be great if you could consolidate together with your other family members so that you can come up with a single schedule. You also need to request the opinions of your family on what vacation do they want to experience. If you have already attempted to go to a place before, it would be perfect to return on that place. However if you want to experience another place, then all you have to complete is check the internet for great suggestions and even ask your friends and ask for recommendations on where best to spend vacation.

Another thing that you should not forget is the purpose of your vacation. Most of the time, an out of town vacation is held like a form of reward for those children who did great on the studies. It could also be in a form of congratulation for a family member who managed to be promoted to a higher rank. Or it may be simply due to the season of the season. Summer for example is the most typical season of the year where households often try to go out of town and enjoy the sun in a different way. It is also a way of bonding experiencing the company of your family.

It is essential for any family to have at some point of their own so that they could unwind and feel happy once again. Since it is a different feeling to savor with the rest of your family members you need to see to it that the time that you’re going to spend with each other should never be wasted. You should plan every necessary detail for vacation to prevent any unwanted occurrences. You should also prepare all the things which are needed in order to make your own most awaited vacation as the most memorable and pleasant one.

Moreover you will surely enjoy your vacation especially if you can make the best out of it. However there are some instances where in you’ll just feel like the time you spent with your family is not however enough and you crave for much more. It always happens to any kind of family, because it is the truth and it is the main reason why you can now find suburban extended stay. Suburban extended stay accommodates those families who are very much eager to extend their vacation.

The actual suburban extended stay is often the main solution for all those individuals who are looking for a place exactly where they could change their reservations or bookings any time they need. With the presence of a suburban extended stay, so long as worry of your vacation because you can certainly extend as long as would like. More people could then appreciate their break or holiday more than ever with the help of a suburban extended stay. Check out certain details at

Exciting Rhodes Trip In Lardos, Rhodes Island

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Lardos one of the best tourist attractions of Rhodes, is located 60 km away from the Rhodes City. It is being selected by a large number of tourists who wish to avail a calm and relaxing place under the sun. Lardos beach being one of the top beaches of Rhodes offer soft sands and clear water. Many tourists love the greek sun, so they just lie down on the sun beds and relax.

Apart from being a small destination, Lardos carries various accommodations for everybody at reasonable prices. Larods nightlife chiefly revolves around many of the hotels and a few of bars. But still, you can find few of the restaurants providing a good bunch of quality multinational foods.

It is also evolving as a developing tourist destination because of the ongoing construction work in the area. However this development mostly takes place in winters when the place is free from tourists. Being few kilometers inland, Lardos village is the place where you can avail a diversity of food items. Furthermore, the key square of the historic village of Lardos offers amazing evenings with many of the tourists and visitors sitting and chatting with each other.

At the major square of Lardos village you will find the tavern Valentina’s, a very popoular one.. Most of the tourists when visit this place, ask for the woodpecker, so you can also go for that. The village of Lardos can be walked on footpaths while enjoying the surrounding views. Despite of other facilities, one can go for the pastry shops, souvenir shops and supermarkets. There is a bookmaker, where you can place a bet on a pools coupon, which contains both the English and the Italian football league teams.

In order to access Lardos, you need to have a small walk just below the route from Pefkos. As a flat resort, it offers cozy stay and is said to be an ideal place for those who are less itinerant. If you avail the regular bus service of the vicinity, it will lead you to the Old Rhodes Town and Lindos. It takes around one and a half hour to take you to Lardos from International Airport of Rhodes.

At Lardos resort you can avail all the facilities of a modern holiday destination. Some of the other facilities include doctors, hairdressers, pharmacy, international telephonic networks, exchange, news agents, motorbikes, cars, and bicycles. In addition to all this, you will enjoy the beautiful scene of the spring fountain water of the life centers, being surrounded by the extensive village square carrying a number of trees.

You can also avail various organized tours to Lindos Town and Acropolis. Additional trips encompass shopping centers of Rhodes town, different monasteries, the island and the remnants of the old Kamarios during day timings. One can also avail sailing trips towards the nearby Simi Island and Turkish Marmaris.

If you want to avail music nights, you should visit bars and the village square, where regional pop groups perform live music on occasional basis. For disco and Karaoke lovers some of the Hotels in Lardos will play this kind of music in the evening.

Rhodes Island offers best enjoyment stuff for your Rhodes holidays as well as a number of luxury Lardos hotels and Car Hire Rhodes

Mexico RV Campsites And RV Parks On The Beach – Top Location is La Parota RV Resort in Lo de Marcos Mexico

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Mexico RV Campgrounds – How Safe Is It To Drive In Mexico?

In Mexico RV tours are a wise way to see this intriguing country. Outside of the more populated tourist areas, decent facilities are occasionally hard to come by. In an RV, you actually have acceptable facilities everywhere you go – without having to step outside. But people always ask me how safe is it to drive in Mexico?

A trip in an RV on tour in Mexico is just like a tour of America or Canada. Sticking with rational safety and security while cruising on highways and in unfamiliar areas is common sense for everyone back home and it is in Mexico too.

Frankly, in Mexico I feel more secure in an RV than I would in a typical automobile. The roads and traffic laws are sorely lacking, and I like the security of a big vehicle. Make certain you have bought insurance for yor entire journey.

The media embellish incidents of roadside bandits in Mexico. Common sense tells you to avoid the temptation to help a stranded motorist and to avoid traveling at night. The Mexican Federales patrol the roads and do try to maintain a high degree of safety.

The real worries for traveling on an RV tour of Mexico are the same things you would have driving in any foreign country. Traffic laws are different and erratically enforced, which can distress an unsuspecting American or Canadian driver used to predictable traffic patterns and driver actions. Like I said before, drivers in Mexico tend to follow a very wavering set of traffic regulations. Blinkers are just arbitrary gestures that are meant to cause action by other cars – sometimes.

Venturing off the big roads can be hazardous – a result of the lamentable|mainly due to the often-deplorable|many areas have absolutely dreadful} road conditions. The Mexicans are steadily improving their toll road system between cities, allowing and comfortable travel and transport. Large new highways and private toll routes are being constructed all over the nation. Usually tollbooths have clean restrooms and little snack shops or taco huts, and are considered very safe.

There are dangers on several of the big highways that we rarely have to worry about in the States. Free range ranching is hugely conducted throughout the country, and this means cows on the roads at any time of the night. Pedestrians are common in the U.S., but in Mexico the big highway is sometimes the only way to get there so you might see any number of people walking right alongside the highway. After dark, some of those people could be drunk and erratic. It is usually wise to drive during the day.

Additional Mexico RV Resorts help:

Best Restaurant in Western Colorado is Juicy Lucy’s Steakhouse – Eat out In Glenwood Springs

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Glenwood Springs Eats
When we decided to change our priorities and exit the hectic city life we began looking for our next heaven on earth. Residing on the California coast was fun, but crowded no matter what activities we decided to do. We had heard about Colorado and the wide open spaces, especially on the Western Slope with villages like Aspen and Vail that are smaller communities, but also popular cultural centers.

Landing the plane in into Grand Junction we ventured east on Interstate 70 to check out Western Colorado. It was late in the day when we drove into Glenwood Springs and felt this would be a great place to stay the weekend and then decide on Aspen or Vail after that. We choose to rest at the historic Hotel Colorado and once we were checked in we wanted to discover what Glenwood Springs has to do. The front desk clerk recommended some quint shops to see, but when we asked about places to eat he said it depends on the food you wish to eat. Being in Colorado I wanted a juicy steak, but my better half wanted seafood like back home. I explained to her the closest ocean was many miles distant, so the seafood should never be as fresh as we could get at home, but she demanded. So his suggestions was a small restaurant directly across the foot bridge called Juicy Lucy’s Steakhouse where we could have the best of both worlds.

After visiting several small stores we found Juicy Lucy’s Steakhouse and after a brief wait at the historic bar we sat down. As I skimmed the menu I noticed the best meal for me, Colorado Elk Sirloin. All natural grilled elk sirloin sliced and served on saut?ed portabella mushrooms, but I wasintrigued by the {fish|seafood|fresh catch| selections on the menu. I was even more impressed by their daily offerings such as; Beef Tenderloin in Tuscany Wine Sauce or Fresh fish Mequite Grilled over the BBQ. I had to inquire about the freshness and quality since it was certain the nearest real water was many miles away. He nurtured they only deliver the finest ingredients and the fresh catch is flown in fresh six days a week. My wife choose the Sea Scallops and I will tell you this if you had no idea you were in {the rocky mountains|Colorado|dry regions of the country| you would swear you were eating in a seafood restaurant on the coast.

Next day on the tour we decided on Basalt, and couldn’t get over the small burgs from Glenwood Springs to Aspen. In this valley we could ski in the winter, fly fish in the summer, hike, bike and be by ourselves, or go to a fun event or concert almost any night. We found our wonderful retirement place and knowing that no matter where we end up in the area we were only a short trip away from the greatest seafood in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Who would have thought that a restaurant named Juicy Lucy’s Steakhouse would help us make one of the best choices of our life.

More Glenwood Springs Restaurants help:

Tactical Gear Backpacks Are Perfect For Demanding Trips. Here Are 4 Reasons Why.

Friday, June 10th, 2011

I love the outdoors and so do many others. If I asked what are the top three must-have items a camper should have, I am absolutely sure that backpacks, particularly tactical gear backpacks, won’t be on the list. Nonetheless I think that together with a multi-tool, LED flash-lamp and an excellent pair of boots, good backpacks are important to people who like the outdoors.

I prefer tactical backpacks for the simple fact that thy are more rough than normal outdoor backpacks. I have two models of tactical gear backpacks for close to four years now and there are no signs of damage. I have used them for diverse out of doors trips, some lasting up to 6 weeks. They have been through all sorts of weather and have come out virtually unscathed.

The reason why I switched to tactical backpacks in the first place was because the apparently durable backpacks I used to have came apart in a 3-week hiking expedition. The backpack was just over twelve months old then. I suppose that I should have taken a clue when the inner lining started to tear and the shoulder straps started to fray.

Many tactical gear backpacks come with tons of compartments with robust sidewalls or separators. The one I have has a hydration bladder pouch which makes taking a sip while on a tight schedule a cinch. Ordinary backpacks come with plastic or thin polyester sidewalls which can be easily damaged by sharp items. The walls in the ordinary back pack I had gave way at the seams because it just couldn’t handle the strain.

Having loads of compartments makes it easier to store as well as to find your stuff and compression straps helps keep things prepared. Some backpacks even come with Chums ( Pouch Attachment Ladder System ) webbing or grid system which allows you to attach kit or modular pouches to the backpack.

tactical backpacks just look downright cool, in my opinion. But if you are not one for gigantic mountain rucks, you might get an ultra thin model for shorter journeys. Many tactical backpacks now come in several colours though I haven’t begun to see one in pink.

Before you buy a tactical gear back pack, ensure it comes with a lifetime guaranty. I will be first to admit that good quality backpacks don’t come cheaply. Hence for the money you pay, it’s best to ensure that you get only the best for what you pay for. And from experience, the better ones come with a lifetime guaranty.

To summarise :

  • tactical gear backpacks have lots of storage compartments
  • tactical gear backpacks have high build quality standards
  • These military style backpacks come in various sizes and colors



The Benefits That You Could Get With Extended Stay Hotels

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

There are lots of things that you need to determine that you want to have the perfect holiday. One of these things is the reason or even occasion because it is the main purpose of your trip. It is one of the most essential and significant thing you need to consider since it is the main purpose of your trip. If you are planning to go out because it is summer, then you must choose places that are really really worth for a summer vacation. A place with an remarkable pool or beach could be perfect for this kind of occasion.

However if you are planning to spend your Christmas away from home during the winter season, it would be beneficial on your part if you are going to select places where your family might enjoy the place and make it as one of the most memorable Christmas for them. You could actually make them really feel really wonderful for having this kind of kind of vacation.

However you should bear in mind to expect the unexpected. Occasionally in the length of time that you have prepared to spend for your family could be changed. Most of the time, the vacation is actually wished to be extended by the family members instead of cutting from the time, especially if they are experiencing the place. It is the common picture for those families who didn’t managed to have a long vacation for quite a long period of time.

In order to be safe it would be great if you have planned for it even before you and your family engaged in a vacation. Conflict often occurs when you have already called and booked a hotel on which specific place where you want to have your vacation and they can’t allow you to extend your vacation because they are also expecting other site visitors or customers to arrive. The best way to prevent this incident to occur is by choosing hotels that offer extended remain.

Extended stay hotel is the greatest choice to make if you are not sure or if you are not certain using the number of days of your vacation. A long stay hotel can still accommodate you even if you have decided to extend your vacation on the last minute during the day. Extended stay hotels can give you the time and comfort to remain on their place without stressing too much. You can see them directly or call them on the telephone and they can surely alter and handle things for you personally.

Extended stay hotels became the choice of those who often engage in vacations and out of town trips. It is because they are certain that with extended stay hotels they can have and take their time as much as they could. They are able to stay and enjoy the place with out minding their schedule and their reservation. Due to the benefits that extended stay hotels have given to their customers, several resorts nowadays are also trying their best to offer the same service to their clients. Check out some details from

Enjoy the Irish Holiday This Year

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

If you are wondering about an ideal holidaying spot then County Cavan in Ireland (also known as the Republic of Ireland) is the best one. The main tourist spots are: Cloughoughter Castle (a historic and national monument), Lough Oughter; a complex of lakes. If you want a better place for lodging then this you can stay in quaint Church View Guest House B&B Belturbet, Cavan. Just for a perfect environ and living the whole facility is crafted with the en-suite accommodation.

Activities you and your family can enjoy while on holidays here include canoeing, walking/hiking, horse riding, cycling, angling/fishing among others. You can enjoy different length of trails for walking. There are forestry and mountain trails which you can enjoy a lot. Saunderson, Fermanagh, Ballyhugh Arts and Cultural Center, Christian Heritage Site is there where you can visit with your loved ones. Although there are others, Church View Guest House is one B&B Belturbet that will provide its customers a home away from home.

There are seven guest rooms with both standard and respectable sizes in the Church view. Each of these rooms is en-suite as stated earlier on and each has a television set. In addition, the guest lounge room has facilities for making tea as well as coffee. And other facilities plus services that you will get here are wake up call, free high-speed internet access (Wi-Fi), launderette, packed lunches, free information on tourist locations (leaflets available), babysitting, choice of beauty salons, barbers available within this area to select from among others. One nice benefit that customers/visitors to this B&B Belturbet Co. There is 50 meters linkup between Cavan, Dublin as well as Donegal between Cavan.

Fishing and angling is making Belturbet a favorite spot for all the visitors. All the amenities are coming with the availability of fish. The Cavan waterway is giving the Ireland’s top location for game for fishing. This means if you are thinking of having a fishing holiday or just want to go out and spend sometime to see how the angling and fishing community is doing in Ireland, then Belturbet is the place to be.

There is even a legend that says that Cavan has a lake for each day of the 12 months in a year; therefore there is a lot of opportunity also to engage in water sports, etc. in B&B Belturbet Co. Cavan offers a lifetime opportunity with a greater holiday experience accompanied with the Bed and Breakfast accommodation.

For a good rest at Ireland, here’s a great place for you to check out:

B&B Belturbet

Get Away To A Plush Timeshare

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

A timeshare getaway purchase or rental is a wonderful investment and is a substantial gift that you can pass on to others through your will in the case of your death. With this sort of property, you and your close friends and loved ones can savor all the fantastic features of resorts across the world for an initial investment and payment contract that extends any number of years as you agree to. This will provide you with a large cost edge over other vacationers that do not have privileges at a timeshare resort. You are guaranteed to have access to particular accommodations during your contract times. Learn how to sell my timeshare if you must.

With a timeshare investment you’ll save a lot of time on getaway planning, and not have to worry about not being able to find the right accommodations. In cases where you have a favorite getaway destination, such as Barbados, your timeshare investment will guard you against the inevitable price increases due to inflation. Subsequent to your timeshare purchase, you will no longer have to fret about the possibility of not being able to obtain a suitable luxury suite. For the time of year and location of your choosing, you can buy any number of weeks you choose, at a resort of your choosing. Numerous timeshare resorts are involved in exchanges programs, so you can trade time at the resort of your purchase with someone at a different location, if you need variety.

Once you do all the paperwork and make your initial investment in a timeshare getaway property all that is left is to savor the property and continue to make payments monthly, or bi-annually, or however your contract is set up. Your close friends, family, and co-workers will all want to come visit you so be ready to have guests. The ownership of timeshare weeks can provide you with a great benefit if you need to schedule an event in a glamorous location and not have to pay a large premium or worry about availability. If you want to honeymoon in Aruba, for instance, you can exchange your timeshare time slot for one in Aruba. You may want to buy Wyndham timeshare for the best in trusted timeshare resorts.

When you can look forward to a timeshare getaway, you will not have to worry about whether or not a resort has room for you because you already know your time and accommodations are reserved for you. Simply call ahead to tell your resort to have your suite ready, because you are on your way. In the case that you decide not to use your time this year, you can contact your resort about renting your unit to someone else. Your timeshare representative can also tell you how to exchange your time at other resorts with other timeshare owners.